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Toward a more laid-back lifestyle

Lana's long work hours are 'taking their toll.' Can she ease up soon and fully retire by 2025? First step: Sell the investment condo

At 60, Lana is feeling the weight of her high-pay, highpressure consulting job in the entertainment industry. She's looking to cut her work load substantially in a couple of years and then retire fully by the age of 70.

Collapse is coming soon, Schiff insists

Inside the Market Wall Street is by now indelibly familiar with Peter Schiff's portents of doom.Often credited with having anticipated the U.S. housing crash, which spurred a financial meltdown and global recession starting in 2007, the head of Euro Pacific Capital has maintained ever since that the real crisis is yet to come. His long-standing, dramatic predictions for the U.S. economy, its currency and its Treasury market, as well as the price of gold, however, have for the most part failed to materialize. But as Mr. Schiff told The Globe and Mail in a recent interview in Toronto, if he's been off on the timing, he's sticking to the substance of his warnings.

Drilling deeper on Computer Modelling

Whether analysts rate it 'buy' or 'sell' depends on whether they consider it a software or energy-services firm

Inside the MarketIt is a wonderful thing to be one of Canada's most successful software companies, with remarkable profit margins, a 20fold increase in stock price over a decade, a pristine balance sheet and a history of sky-high returns on capital.

An income stock that's crushed the TSX

Brookfield Renewable has parlayed acquisitions and power developments into a higher unit price and a rising distribution

Strategy Lab I like to do good for the planet when possible. If I can do good for my portfolio at the same time, I consider that a win-win.

Commodities rally puts TSX back into bull territory

Canadian stocks have surged back into a bull market, propelled by a furious rally in commodities producers and elevating the nation's equity markets to one of the top performers in the world this year.

This stock could benefit from a hot summer

Advantage Oil & Gas is a low-cost producer with a strong balance sheet and assets in the Montney region

Inside the Market Gas stocks have ignited recently, with share prices spiking as temperatures rise and summer officially arriving in two weeks.Also sparking investors' interest is a bullish outlook calling for sizzling summer temperatures in many parts of the United States.

Confessions of a committed renter

Gen Y home buyers should consider the rental lifestyle before settling for a house in the suburbs

Desperate wannabe homeowners, meet Megan Young.Unlike many of her peers, she believes the answer to expensive house prices is not to make compromises on what and where to buy. This 32-year-old IT consultant in Toronto is a committed renter.

Fiera Capital bucks the equity-fund trend

Rising profit and a strong dividend yield make Canada's third-largest independent asset manager an attractive small-cap stock

Inside the Market It is a challenging environment for many asset managers, given volatile market conditions, low returns and investor concerns surrounding valuations.One headwind they face is redemptions.On June 1, weekly U.S. Mutual Funds Flows data from the Investment Company Institute showed that U.S.-based equity funds experienced their 11th straight week of net outflows as investors continue to take money out of equity funds.

Small bank, big potential

Despite increasing profit and revenue, Civista stock remains undervalued

Inside the Market As investors, we read reams and reams of management discussion and analysis documents, most of which is either dull as dishwater or painted in the florid colours of public relations.

Value investing simply does not follow market cycles

Value investing has been in the doghouse for a decade.That's right, growth stocks have trounced value stocks for a decade.Some investors are betting that it's finally value's time to shine.

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