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About Estimate Snapshots: Estimate Snapshots provide comprehensive earnings estimate information, including earnings estimates for the next two quarters and next two fiscal years, actual reported EPS for the past four quarters, revisions and trends, recommendations, and estimated long-term growth rates for the company and its industry. Generally, clicking the Estimate Snapshot icon anywhere on the site will display the company's estimate snapshot. Estimate data is provided by Thomson Investors Network.

The estimates are a result of a consensus from groups of analysts based on their individual preferred financial and economic analysis methods. As each analyst has a preferred method of determining a company's potential, there is no single method or criterion used to determine the results.

Please note that most of underperform or sell recommendations show up for only a short period of time, after which analysts stop covering the stock. The estimates are updated on at the analystsí discretion, with updates posted on the site every Thursday. Not all companies are updated every week.

Current Estimate:

Reported Quarters: Revisions and Trends: Recommendations (1.00 Strong Buy - 5.00 Sell): Long Term Growth Rates: Comparative Estimates and Trends - Calendar Year: Ratios Relative To:

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