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Create/Update Stocklist

About Create/Update Stocklist: Use the personal Stocklist feature to build and track a list of stocks or indexes you either own or would like to keep an eye on. Once you set up a Stocklist, you can view various price and financial reports containing all the stocks in your list. From the reports, you can view charts and corporate snapshots of every company (or index) in your Stocklist.

When you create or update your personal Stocklist, the information is stored in a cookie file on your computer. The cookie file communicates with our server, enabling you to view your Stocklist report each time you return to the site using the same browser. To view your personal Stocklist report, click Stocklist on the red bar at the top of the page.

Note that setting up a Stocklist requires that your Web browser be set up to accept cookies (browsers are normally set up this way). If your browser does not accept cookies, you will not be able to set up a Stocklist. If you've lost your personal Stocklist, click here.

Add Symbol(s) to Your Stocklist: To create a new Stocklist or to add a stock or an index to your Stocklist, enter its symbol followed by a hyphen and an exchange code (e.g.: BCE-T) in the "Add Symbols to Your Stocklist" text box. Then click "Add to Stocklist." To view your Stocklist in a price or financial report, simply click the appropriate text link.

To find a symbol for a company or an index, click the Symbol Lookup button. To add a stock to your Stocklist, select the "Add to Stocklist" link from the Symbol Lookup results table.

Your Stocklist can contain 100 or more symbols. To add multiple stock or index symbols to your Stocklist simultaneously, enter consecutive symbols separated with a space or a comma, and click "Go." Example: BCE-N, TSE-I, DJIA-I.

Exchange Codes: If you don't specify an exchange code after entering a stock or index symbol, our database will match the symbol with its primary exchange — usually the TSE in Canada and/or the NYSE or Nasdaq in the United States. For example, if you enter BCE into the text box and click "Go," the system will return a quote or a report for both BCE-T (as traded on the TSE) and BCE-N (as traded on the NYSE). Therefore, to view a quote or report for a particular symbol, enter the symbol followed by a hyphen and an exchange code. The exchange codes are as follows: T-Toronto, X-Canadian Venture, N-New York, A-American, Q-Nasdaq NM, QS-Nasdaq SC, Q2-OTCBB, I-Index.

Your Stocklist Contains: After you click "Add to Stocklist," the securities or indexes you entered will be added to the section called "Your Stocklist Contains." To delete a stock or an index from your Stocklist, check the "Del" text box located directly to the left of company name and click the "Delete" button. To view a quote for any stock or index in your Stocklist, click its symbol. To view a company snapshot for individual securities, click the hotlinked company name.

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