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In the last field, M = Monthly; Q = Quarterly;

SA = Semi-annual; A = Annual, SP = Special

u - in the Amount field - means $US

Details Payable Ex-div Record Amount
Alliance Split Income Trs Pr A 13-apr29-mar31-mar.15Q
Alliance Split Income Trust 13-apr29-mar31-mar.0825M
Canexus Income Fund 15-apr29-mar31-mar.0729M
Cdn. Resources Income Trust 17-apr29-mar31-mar.075M
Commercial & Industrial Trst 13-apr29-mar31-mar.05M
Crescent Point Energy Trust 17-apr29-mar31-mar.2M
Diversified Income Trust II 13-apr29-mar31-mar.08M
Diversified Preferred Shar Tr 13-apr29-mar31-mar.17NA
Gamehost Income Fund 17-apr29-mar31-mar.12M
Global DiSCS Trust 13-apr29-mar31-mar.325Q
Morguard Real Estate Inv Trst 13-apr29-mar31-mar.075M
Mortgage-Backed Securits U 13-apr29-mar31-mar.01722uM
Mortgage-Backed Securities 13-apr29-mar31-mar.02M
Multi Select Income Trst Pr A 13-apr29-mar31-mar.1625Q
Multi Select Income Trust 13-apr29-mar31-mar.07M
Northern Property REIT 17-apr29-mar31-mar.1094M
Pembina Pipeline Income Fnd 14-apr29-mar31-mar.095M
Premier Value Income Trust 13-apr29-mar31-mar.06M
Pro-Vest Growth & Income 13-apr29-mar31-mar.0667M
SCITI ROCS Trust 13-apr29-mar31-mar.069M
SCITI Trust II 13-apr28-mar30-mar.1M
SCITI Trust 13-apr28-mar30-mar.118M
Select 50 S-1 Income Trust II 13-apr29-mar31-mar.079M
Select 50 S-1 Income Trust 13-apr29-mar31-mar.08M
Sentry Select Commodities 13-apr29-mar31-mar.06M
Sentry Select Divers. Inc. Tr. 07-apr29-mar31-mar.0375M
Sentry Select Grwth & Incme 13-apr29-mar31-mar.065M
VFC Inc. 31-mar16-mar20-mar.03Q

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