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Cross rates
CanadianU.S.BritishEuro JapaneseSwiss
dollardollarpound yenfranc
Canadian dollar--1.15532.01721.39170.0098500.8921
U.S. dollar0.8656--1.74601.20460.0085260.7722
British pound0.49570.5727--0.68990.0048830.4423
Japanese yen101.52117.29204.79141.29--90.57
Swiss franc1.12091.29502.26111.56000.011041--
Mid-market rates in Toronto at noon, Mar. 15, 2006. Prepared by BMO Nesbitt Burns, Capital Markets.
per unitper CAD
U.S./Canada spot1.15530.8656
1 month forward1.15430.8663
2 months forward1.15330.8671
3 months forward1.15220.8679
6 months forward1.14910.8703
12 months forward1.14350.8745
3 year forward1.13030.8847
5 years forward1.11930.8934
7 years forward1.10980.9011
10 years forward1.10030.9088
CAD in 2006: High1.1299
per unitper unit
Britain Pound1.74602.0172
1 month forward1.74642.0160
2 months forward1.74702.0149
3 months forward1.74792.0139
6 months forward1.75052.0114
12 months forward1.75522.0070
Europe Euro1.20461.3917
1 month forward1.20691.3931
2 months forward1.20901.3944
3 months forward1.21151.3959
6 months forward1.21801.3995
12 months forward1.22931.4057
country currencyunitsCAD
per USDper unit
Japan Yen117.290.009850
1 month forward116.820.009881
2 months forward116.350.009912
3 months forward115.830.009947
6 months forward114.400.010044
12 months forward111.780.010230
Algeria Dinar720.0160
Antigua EC Dollar2.67000.4327
Argentina Peso3.070.3763
Australia Dollar1.35340.8537
Austria Euro0.82851.3944
Bahamas Dollar1.00001.1553
Barbados Dollar1.99000.5806
Belgium Euro0.82851.3944
Bermuda Dollar11.1553
Brazil Real2.11420.5464
Bulgaria Lev1.61980.7132
Cambodia Riel40650.000284
Cayman Is. Dollar0.82001.4089
Chile Peso526.810.00219
China Renminbi8.0360.1438
Cote D'Iv CFA Franc542.760.0021
Cyprus Pound0.47572.4286
Czech Rep Koruna23.7850.0486
Denmark Krone6.17950.1870
Egypt Pound5.73150.2016
Fiji Dollar1.75590.6579
Finland Euro0.82851.3944
France Euro0.82851.3944
French Pacific Franc99.060.0117
Germany Euro0.82851.3944
Greece Euro0.82851.3944
Hong Kong Dollar7.75850.1489
Hungary Forint216.520.0053
Iceland Krona69.760.0166
India Rupee44.100.0262
Indonesia Rupiah91050.000127
Iran Rial89120.000130
Iraq Dinar1469.20.000786
Ireland Euro0.82851.3944
Israel New Shekel4.6940.2461
Italy Euro0.82851.3944
Jamaica Dollar61.130.0189
Jordan Dinar0.70831.6311
Liberia Dollar50.000.0231
Lebanon Pound15070.000767
Luxembourg Euro0.82851.3944
Malaysia Ringgit3.7040.3119
Mexico New Peso10.63750.1086
Netherlands Euro0.82851.3944
New Zealand Dollar1.54870.7460
Norway Krone6.60570.1749
Pakistan Rupee60.100.0192
Panama Balboa1.00001.1553
Philippines Peso50.990.0227
Poland Zloty3.20240.3608
Portugal Euro0.82851.3944
Romania New Leu2.91290.3966
Russia Ruble27.8010.0416
Saudi Arabia Riyal3.75010.3081
Singapore Dollar1.6180.7140
Slovakia Koruna31.0450.0372
South Africa Rand6.170.1872
South Korea Won974.50.00119
Spain Euro0.82851.3944
Sudan Dinar227.10.0051
Sweden Krona7.76570.1488
Switzerland Franc1.2950.8921
Taiwan Dollar32.3510.0357
Thailand Baht39.160.0295
Trinidad, Tob Dollar6.26440.1844
Turkey New Lira1.33260.8670
Venezuela Bolivar2144.60.000539
Zambia Kwacha32100.000360
Sp Draw Rt S.D.R.0.00000.0000
Closing rates
The US dollar closed at $1.1545 Canadian on Wednesday, or 86.62 US cents to the Canadian dollar. The Pound Sterling closed at $1.7476 US, or $2.0176 Canadian.

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